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Natural Sweeteners Conversion Chart

Over my most recent vacation, I decided to start the project of desserts. I purchased a great book 100 Delicious Low Carb Desserts. I got half a dozen different natural sweeteners and the ingredients to 6 great desserts.

Sitting on an island in Narragansett bay, with really bad internet access, I discovered there is not a conversion chart out there for all the natural sweeteners. There are some or individual sweeteners. There are recipes where someone mentions the conversion for some. There are a few Glycemic index charts out there but there is no all encompassing chart to help us on this journey.

I pulled together a few conversions and had fun making the desserts, but when I got home I spent the next week of evenings searching the net for everything I could find. I googled natural sweeteners and went to town. I read so many amazing cooking blogs. I read every chart, conversion, article, comment, etc I could find. I found sweeteners I had never even heard of.

As a result I have put together a Conversion Chart for natural sweeteners. I omitted all artificial sweeteners, since they are just bad for you and defeat the whole purpose.

For each one I listed the conversion for sugar, the Glycemic index number, my favorite link that talked about the sweetener and a link to be able to purchase it.

There is one sweetener (Yacon syrup and powder) that I could not get a conversion for. There were many notes about it but not a set conversion. This one only has a Glycemic index of 1 and is all natural, and so I have become intrigued by this mystery sweetener. I ordered some and have taken on the job of working out the conversion. Other than that one, the chart is complete and ready for you.

I hope you find this helpful. We are having a ton of fun with it. Last week my husband made three different batches of ice cream using 3 different natural sweeteners. It really showed me how much “yummy” there can be in low carb fun!

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